Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common and can affect people of all ages and levels of ability. It can manifest in different ways, most commonly:

  • Your knee may feel unstable and likely to 'give away'
  • You may experience a constant ache in the knee joint
  • A sharp stabbing pain in the knee
  • A grinding beneath the knee cap
  • Restricted knee movement that may occasionally 'lock'

Some of the common conditions associated with knee pain including: patella tracking disorder, iliotibial band syndrome, Patella tendonitis, Osgood Schlatters disease and arthritis. 

Manipulation, mobilisation and exercise have to been shown to be of benefit to osteoarthritis of the knee and patella tracking disorders (1).

Cold laser therapy may also be of benefit to some injuries like meniscus and tendon sprains (2).

Can a Chiropractor help?

Performing a thorough examination is vital in isolating exactly what is going on with your knee porblem, and determining what treatments will work best to get you moving freely again.  

At Windsor Chiropractic, we have found that taking a holistic approach with knees is best In our experience, there are often several contributing factors to knee problems, including posture, pelvic alignment and neuromuscular imbalances which can pull on the knee unevenly. 

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