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We regularly hold events to educate and involve our community in fun ways that will increase their understanding of what is possible for their overall health and wellbeing.

Open Week 18th -23rd July 2016

Join us on Saturday 23rd September @ 12pm-1.30pm for some healthy alternatives to your typical party food. Sugar-free, wheat-free, milk-free, but still oh-so-tasty... the kids won't have a clue! We want to change the way our kids party. Come along to our party and be inspired.


Our Fermentation Workshop is a favourite, and we regularly have special guests who share their love and knowledge to help you get started.

Our Chiro Workout Workshop is designed to help you move optimally, whether that be for sport and exercise, or in everyday activities. Prevent injury and speed recovery with the scientifically proven exercises that won't do more damage.

We'd love to see you at our upcoming events... Please email or call us if you have any questions or would like to find out more!