Windsor Chiropractic Center in Brisbane offers the very best natural chiropractic care to the North Side community.

The team is led by Brisbane chiropractor Dr. Alan Brown at the Windsor clinic.

Windsor Chiro has brought exceptional relief care and wellness care to the Brisbane community since 2004. Through a two fold approach to health and wellness, Brisbane chiropractor Dr. Alan Brown and his team determine the source of the underlying cause and deliver relief care with immediacy.

Family chiropractor treatment and therapy from Windsor Chiro in Brisbane begins with a holistic view toward health and wellness.

Windsor Chiro believes in a holistic approach to chiropractic therapy when analyzing health problems. Our treatment and therapy techniques are gentle and delivered with care by our chiropractor team members.

It is a misnomer that chiropractic treatment is focused on bones when a surrounding muscle is often the influencing factor in the diagnosis. Some of the best techniques a chiropractor can utilise affects the nerves that are nested in muscle and ligament areas around the bones.

Children`s chiropractor, Dr. Alan Brown and his team offer effective, safe and comfortable chiropractic techniques for all family members, from babies and children through to young adults in Brisbane.

At Windsor Chiro, we offer baby physiotherapist and baby chiropractor care in the Brisbane area from our centrally located clinic in Windsor. We ensure our chiropractic care for children is both gentle and safe. The chiropractic techniques used will generally involve soft finger tip pressures in conjunction with gentle massage.

As each baby grows into the toddler phase, all manner of bumps and scrapes can occur while they become more active and independent. Many parents have opted to seek a specialised baby chiropractor for periodic checks. Infant chiropractor treatment can often offer improved growth and development.

Pregnancy chiropractor treatment brings ongoing benefits to both mother and child. Our dedicated professionals at Windsor Chiro in Brisbane have a significant interest in pregnancy chiropractic care.

At Windsor Chiro we understand the enormous changes to a women’s body during pregnancy can lead to lower back pain, sciatica, pubis symphysis pain, hip and knee pain, and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can offer relief as well as ensuring your pelvis is sitting correctly to allow maximum room for your baby to grow. An extraordinary number of our members specifically seek our help for pregnancy-based conditions.

Family Chiropractor - Dr. Alan Brown and his team are based in the Brisbane Northside locale.

We believe in a natural holistic lifestyle is the best way to health and well being, and is by far the best form of health insurance for the whole family as they grow. Chiropractic modalities massage, gentle exercise and good diet are the foundations of good health that if maintained will last a lifetime, ensuring your family the best of health.

Chiropractic treatment for Youth and Sport Injuries

Later in the school life, your children will often for a love affair with a sport of some kind of reasonably seriously physical outdoor activity. This is excellent as it will condition and refine the bodies strength, control and reflexes promoting a durable immune system that will last you a lifetime.

Sport performance and optimization through chiropractic massage modalities and technique can be of much benefit at this point in your children`s life as the degree of intensity and the frequency of intense physical activities increase.

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If you're like us and are looking for the highest quality of life for yourself and those around you, it's time to discover the proven benefits of gentle, natural chiropractic care.


Windsor Chiropractic was established by Alan and Marion Brown in February 2004. We are a family-based practice which aims to provide you and your loved ones with quality chiropractic care to achieve optimal function and wellbeing in life.

Alan has been a practicing Chiropractor for almost 20 years. His experience with the profession began from an early age following the onset of severe and chronic childhood illnesses. His parents wanted to get to the underlying cause of the problem, and discovered chiropractic to put him on the right path to good health. Marion's mum received chiropractic care when she was pregnant with her!

In 2003, we opened Stafford Chiropractic and Wellbeing Centre with the tremendous support of our team and community. The Centre enables us to provide an expanded range of health services to our clients in a holistic environment. We also hold special workshops and events with the aim of bringing like-minded people together to learn about common interests.

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We understand how it can feel when you're in pain, out of energy, or just looking to feel better, and it's our goal to help you get back to what you love doing the most… in the most gentle, effective way we can.

Our chiropractors have a passion for evidence-based health care, and together with their professional experience, will help you to understand how chiropractic works specific to your own needs. Whether you have short or long-term health goals, we can help you to achieve your best possible physical, chemical and emotional state of health!

Our chiropractors use a number of specialised techniques to optimise communication between your brain and nervous system.

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